Mrs Rogers at 10 High Street

After the fire, as their old home at 16 – 18 High Street [see KL360] was being rebuilt, the family moved into the repaired 10 High Street, where they lived for the rest of their time in Eydon.

Mrs Rogers’ grandchildren, Albert and Ernest Shurvinton continued to live with them as Ernest told his son about the burnt beam under the arch seen in this picture of Fanny Rogers with a dog and two small girls.

After raising 10 children of her own, and looking after two grandsons for her daughter Martha [see KL105] Fanny Rogers seemed to continue to look after children. In the 1911 census, she has 4 little girls, all from London, staying with her as boarders. These are two of them, the Bissett girls, May and Mary (born Islington, 1901 and 1899).

Note however another two little girls are peering through the gate at the photographer! Given the unusual view and subject matter, might this be a photo of the two girls taken to reassure their guardian back in London, hence the presence of only two of the girls.

One other possibility is that they may be Barnardo's children, destitute street children from London, who at the time the infants and younger girls and boys were chiefly "boarded out" in rural district, before the girls above fourteen years of age were sent to the industrial training homes. Intriguing idea, but sadly, no proof!

Another mystery is why is there a tea chest nailed to the wall

 standing outside the ‘front’ door at the back!


Photographer: Unknown

Image lent by : Mrs Sandra Batchelor

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Mrs Rogers at the back of 10 High Street with Bissett girls

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