Mrs Ellen "Nellie" Maynard on left with Miss Clara Hemmings (1885-1972)

With them in front L-R, Ann Fairbrother, Ann Noble & Georgina Noble in the rear garden at 11 High Street circa 1940/41. Ann & Georgina Noble initially lived in Croydon but moved to live with their grandparents at Wallingham shortly after war commenced in 1939. Their grandfather, George William Charles Maynard, was a schoolteacher in Croydon and he came to Eydon in 1940 accompanying and then for a short while teaching the many children from there who were evacuated to escape the German air raids and bombing. It is understood that George Maynard arranged privately for his wife, Ellen (a.k.a. Nellie) to join him here with his two granddaughters where he arranged for them to stay with Clara Hemmings at 11 High Street where they are pictured in the back garden with the thatch roof of 9 High Street beyond the garden wall. The two Noble girls were particularly friendly with Ann Fairbother while they were here in Eydon and always called her "Little Ann". She was the daughter of Charlie and Edna Fairbrother who lived in Manor Farm Cottage (26 High Street). The two Anns lost touch with each other after the war but have recently been put in contact with each other by E.H.R.G. even though Ann Maynard (nee Noble) is now in Australia and Ann Wallage (nee Fairbrother) was tracked down in Daventry. Photographer: Unknown, family photographer

Image lent by : Mrs Ann Maynard

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Mrs Maynard, Miss Hemmings and the 3 Little Girls, 1941

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