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M.C.P.L. Postcard of the Moravian Chapel (off the High Street) and nearby cottages (usually known as Chapel Yard).

This view shows Chapel Yard, with the Moravian Chapel, Eydon's earliest brick building, central in the picture and two (were three) old cottages on the right. The cottage adjacent to the chapel used to be the original meeting house and had a large two storey window above and behind the pump on the left, whilst the cottage next to that was the Minister's house, although both the cottages were usually let at this time. The unusual gable fronts, still thatched at this time, are new, as the old roof line was lower and parallel to the front of the buildings. Other Postcards of the village by this publisher suggest the photos might be taken before WW1.

Photographer: Unknown professional

Image lent by : Miss Janet Bloxam

Connected Photos: DK053 | AP016 | AP021

Moravian Chapel and cottages

SKU: AP015

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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