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The Moravian Chapel off the High Street, Eydon with group of children c1900s.

The Moravian cottages on the right are still thatched and with low eaves to the roofs. The Moravian Chapel was the first brick building in Eydon, hidden away discreetly in someone's garden, as Syd Tyrrell put it. It was built in 1818, off the High Street and the Moravian Minister lived alongside in the house on the right of this photo. Although the chapel was very plain inside, it was furnished with an ornate brass chandelier which the Methodists, when they built their chapel in 1860, coveted. This chandelier is now at the Moravian Settlement at Fairfields, Lancs. ‘Moravian Chapel, Eydon - 89’ written in white on bottom left so original was a postcard. Another postcard, of the Green, with a similar style of writing is shown in DK150. Photographer unknown professional

Image lent by Mr David Kench

Moravian Chapel, 1900s

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