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Miss Clara Hemmings (1885 - 1972) who accommodated Ann Noble (on left) and her younger sister Georgina Noble (on right),

Together with their grandmother, they were evacuated from Croydon to Eydon during the early 1940s. The photograph is taken at the top of Miss Hemming's garden at 11 High Street and behind them is the outside W.C. which had to be visited night or day! The W.C. is a lean-to against the gable end of the stable at 15 High Street and beyond can be seen the south east corner of that house. The two girls were both quite young at the time but Ann recalls that the facilities, in addition to the above, were very limited. They both slept with their grandmother in the only spare bedroom in Miss Hemming's cottage and on bath night water was boiled in a copper in the scullery and they then took turns in a tin bath on the floor in front of the fire in the living room - the two girls were bathed first and then their Grandma followed. The bath was then emptied and hung up on the wall outside the back door to drain and dry. Ann also recalls how, during one of her mother's visits to see them, she and her grandmother walked to Banbury pushing the two young girls along in their pushchair and after shopping they walked all the way home to Eydon.

Photographer: Unknown, family photographer

Image lent by : Mrs Ann Maynard

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Miss Hemmings and her Evacuees, 1941/2

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