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The Millennium Sundial is sited on the south wall of the church tower' and, as its name suggests, was commissioned to mark the millennium.

It is by David Harber, probably the UK's best known dial maker. He usually produces dials for stately homes and the like, so a church dial is quite a rarity. It is a simple design, with hour lines in bronze, and is slightly west declining and so misses the morning 6 o'clock. The gnomon carries a small sun with centre spot - there are not many like that.

The motto is LUX DEI - 'light of God' - which is in the sundial tradition - and 'MM' to commemorate when it was commissioned. Full details of how it was commissioned are in the EHRG booklet 'Service, Sun and Settlement'

Photographer: Dr Kevin Lodge

Image lent by : Dr Kevin Lodge

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Millennium Sundial, Church Tower

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