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Lancelot Holland was the youngest son of Thomas W. Holland, born 1887.

The Holland family of Tom, a partner in Hunt Edmunds the brewers of Banbury and his wife Helen with their family of young children, Enid, Tom, Aubrey, Cecil, Gerald, John and Lancelot, moved into Eydon Hall in 1891. We do not know where Lancelot went to school in his earlier years although some of his older brothers went to Rugby School. But at the age of 14, Lancelot entered the Royal Naval College at Dartmouth as a Cadet and began his training to become a naval officer. It was during this time that Syd Tyrrell remembered the strange sight, in a village that couldn't be further from the sea that Eydon, of Mrs Holland with a young man in naval uniform. Lancelot had obviously found his niche in life and revelled in the disciplines, training and life in the Royal Navy and his rise through the ranks was, some would say, meteoric. He was promoted to Midshipman in 1903. (see DK111); Sub-Lieutenant in 1906; Lieutenant in 1907; Lieutenant Commander in 1915; Commander in 1919; Captain in 1926; Rear-Admiral in 1938; Vice Admiral in 1940 and then Vice-Admiral Commanding the Battle Cruiser Squadron and Second-in-Command of the Home Fleet on 07.05.1941. So at the start of WW2 Lancelot was one of the most senior and experienced officers in the Royal Navy. (see DK111 for more details of his later career.)

Photographer: Unknown professional

Image lent by : Mr Peter Harman

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Midshipman Lancelot Holland, RN, c 1906

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