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Postcard of Eydon High Street looking north, around 1908 to 1910.

Despite the fire of 1905, almost all the houses on the left are still thatched. The nearest is the lean-to of Ashby Cottage, next to the drive to Wistaria House with its stone pillars and wrought iron gates. Another pillar and gate, for pedestrians this time, leads to the yard in front of the two slate-roofed cottages, which might have been built with Anne Fallkner’s money before 1840, the subsequent 16-year-long court case over their ownership defeated even the Lord Chancellor of England.

By the date of the photo they were the home of Mary Kench, and owned by Lord Valentia. Behind this is the thatch-roofed Cedar Cottage, in front of the huge (non-cedar) tree which stood at the bottom of Blacksmiths Lane. Beyond that we have Ashby Farmhouse, with French doors in the centre of its facade and other houses down the High Street to the Methodist Chapel.

On the right we see 18 High Street, newly rebuilt in 1908, and beyond that, the gables of William Hunt’s house with his carrier’s cart just visible in the barn facing us. See DK055 for details of the people in this photograph and AP053a for the view before the fire.

Photographer unknown professional

Image lent by Mr David Kench

Middle of High Street, looking North, c1910

SKU: DK054

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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