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A group photo of 35 Eydon children, members of the Merry Comrades, taken in the early 1950s, possibly in the Village Hall.

The Merry Comrades was a club for children, organised by the Mercury and Herald, the Northampton weekly paper, to raise money for the local hospitals and other charities.

The line of boys at the back are, from the left: ? Johnson (in the doorway), another Johnson boy (between the two girls), unknown, unknown, unknown, Peter Berry, unknown (in front of him), unknown, unknown, John Dunkley, unknown. The standing girls in front of them are from the left: Anne Fairbrother, Molly Dunkley, Wendy Tew, just behind the girl with the striped top, Doreen Sykes, Brian Rogers, Mavis Thorington, in front of Brian, Daphne Tew, unknown with her hand on the shoulder of the girl below, Phillipa Flagg, June Puplett, Marjorie Hancock, Ann Rogers, Dorothy Williams (tall girl), Judith Johnson (small girl in front of her) and possibly Cliff Kelcher. On the bench from the left we have: Colin Rogers, unknown, Rita Cameron, Anne Syers, in the striped top, Monica Sharp, Yvonne Pettifer, Jacky Flagg holding Shirley Amos and Philip Tew.


Photographer: Unknown professional

Image lent by : Mrs Sheila Syers

Merry Comrades, early 1950s

SKU: KL175

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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