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An intriguing picture of Sid Edwards and a group of men on an outing.

We don't know where or when it was taken. Sid is the second from the left in this group of 10 men, none of whom look particularly familiar. Two are wearing buttonholes, one has a beret and cap badge and most are holding pint bottles of beer. Are the buses and coaches late 30s - or early 50s? Everyone is looking in one direction, including the people still on the buses, so maybe it was something like a works outing to the races?

On the extreme right is Gordon Golby, with Harry Ward in the cap behind him. Closest to the camera is one of the Sykes family, but which one? Gordon Golby was born in 1925, so this makes the picture post war, rather than pre-war.

Photographer: Unknown

Image lent by : Mrs Carrie Horne

Men's Group Outing

SKU: KL197

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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