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Martha Shurvinton, eldest child of Thomas and Fanny Rogers on Eydon, with her sons Albert and Ernest.

In 1897 23 year old Martha Rogers married Albert Shurvinton, a blacksmith from Leamington. Martha had started training as a nurse and may have met Albert in Leamington during training. Albert had been a soldier in the Royal Engineers (KL106) and was in the Reserve when the Boer War broke out. By that time they had two sons, Albert, born 1898 and Fredrick, born September 1899. As Albert snr was called up and left for South Africa in October 1899, and Fredrick looks to be more that 2 months old, this photo may have been taken early in 1900 to send to him to remind him of his family back home. After Albert died, his two sons were sent to Eydon to stay with their grandparents, Thomas & Fanny Rogers, whilst Martha re-trained as a midwife. They were still there when their house burnt down in the 1905 Fire of Eydon (KL023).

Photographer unknown.

Image lent by Mr John Shurvington.

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Martha Shurvinton with her sons, 1900

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