Martha Shurvinton, in her old age, 1940s.

She died in 1947 aged 70. After her husband Albert died in the Boer War, Martha sent her sons to Eydon to stay with her parents whilst she retained as a midwife. In the 1901 Census she was at Hereford as a pupil midwife saying with a midwife whose family were all born in Leamington. In May 1903 however, she married Ernest (Jack) Shurvinton, her late husband's younger brother, and shortly afterwards had the first of their five children. With the growth of this second family in Leamington, her two eldest boys remained in Eydon with their grandparents.

Photographer unknown professional

Image lent by Mrs John Shurvington.

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Martha Shurvinton in her old age.

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