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Group from Eydon Mothers Union, with the Rector and his wife, outside the Rectory, Culworth Road.

From the left, seated we have, Mrs Bishop, who lived on Hill View, in house between 5 and 7, demolished in the 1960s, Mrs Tom Pettifer, Mrs Bull, holding her granddaughter Pam Roberts, who supplied us with the picture, Mrs Sue Fairbrother, with her daughter Mrs Edie Castle, then in white Mrs Ward and finally [unknown]. Standing from the left we have Mrs Disney, the Rectors wife, with 4 unidentified ladies between her and her husband, then Mrs Wallace Edwards, Mrs Watson, next to her with the hat with the plume is Mrs Watson, then Mrs Roberts - Pam's Mum, with a partly obscure lady behind her.

The tall lady at the end is Mrs Isaac Amos. This group is almost totally different from the other ladies group (DK073) except for possibly Mrs Watson. There is quite a few tales to be told by these ladies, the two in black in the centre for example, have different futures. Mrs Sue Fairbrother, the one to the right of the little girl, was caretaker to the school and would be dead shortly after the picture was taken, in 1937, aged 69.

To her left, Mrs Mary Ann Bull, holding her granddaughter's hand, went on to achieve the age of 88 dying in 1948. She lived in Oak Cottage, on Lime Avenue, now part of the Royal Oak and was remembered as a very nice old lady by some of the scared evacuees during the war. Clicking on some of the other faces should tell you some of their stories too

Photographer: Unknown

Image lent by Mrs Pam Humphries

Connected Photos: DK073

Larger Group of Mothers Union, c 1936

SKU: DK074

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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