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Aldridge family photo, see IB015 for details of why this might be taken in 1874 and might be one of the grandmothers of Rosetta Bromfield.

The two grandmothers were Charlotte Bromfield, born in 1805 and so 69 at the time the picture was taken, and Ann Aldridge, born 12 years later and 57 at this time. It is difficult to say which of the two ladies in this and IB017 look more like their daughters in IB019, IB021 and IB022.

This lady has the fatter face and the daughters are longer, but if Henry Aldridge (IB018) takes after his father, then John Aldridge would have had a very long face, so the combination might give the girls face shape seen there. This lady is also in black, which is very proper in a widow, even of 25 years standing. The Aldridge family had labelled this lady Ann Aldridge, but as can be seen in IB015, family attributions are not always reliable.

Despite that Kevin Lodge believed this may be Ann Aldridge, but a lot of uncertainty remains.

Photographer: Unknown professional

Image lent by : Mrs Coral Fairbrother

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Lady's Portrait c 1874

SKU: IB016

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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