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Another fete, anther top table, another speech - this one a bit more memorable.

It's a fete at Eydon Hall and that warrants a top table of 5, from the left, Lord Brand (and his dog), Eddie Wilks, Lord Brand's sister in law Nancy Astor, the Rector, the Rev. Graham Neville, and Eric Walker.

For once, the previous years (see KL170), the top table is alert and listening as Lady Astor, in a speech that made the local papers, railed at the village for 'being sinners', for needing a fete raise money for the church. The Rector had to defend the fete as a good social event for the village, as well as a fund raiser.


Photographer: Miss Hope Walker

Image lent by : Miss Janet Bloxam

Connected Photos: KL170 | KL164 | KL165

Lady Astor Speaks Her Mind, 1961

SKU: KL171

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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