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It's 1961, it's summer and time for the Village Fete.

At this time Eydon alternated with a church fete one year, a village hall fete the next.

This year it's a church fete, held on the lawns of Eydon Hall and it is opened by England's first lady MP, Lady Nancy Astor. Lady Astor was sister to Mrs Phyllis Brand, wife of Lord Brand, the owner of Eydon Hall. (see KL260)

In this slightly damp picture we see Emily Buchanan, the future broadcaster, winning a fancy dress prize as the Golfing Girl 1961, helped by Eddie Wilks, whilst Mrs Tyrrell in the rain hood keeps an eye on the rest of the contestants. Behind Lady Astor is Lady Charteris, (Emily's mother?), whist the Rector, the Rev. Graham Neville, holds the umbrella. The photo was (probably) taken by Mrs Margaret Walker who had been Nanny to the Margesson family and whose children still kept in touch with her, hence their presence in the village when the fete was on.


Photographer: Unknown professional

Image lent by : Miss Janet Bloxam

Connected Photos: KL165 | KL260

Lady Astor awards the Prize, 1961

SKU: KL164

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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