Ken Edwards' wedding 1944.

This is much later in the war, which may account for the lower key outfits etc. than that of his sister Wynn's wedding. Kenneth married Marjorie Clarke at Woodford Halse in 1944, which is presumably where this picture was taken. From the left we see the groom's parents, Sid and Lucy Edwards, then Kenneth and Marjorie, with presumably her family on the right.

Marjorie was Wynne Edwards' bridesmaid, so maybe that was where she and Ken met. They had two daughters, Shirley and Christine. Kenneth was born in 1925 so would be just 19 when he wed.

They had two daughters, Shirley born 1950 and Christine, born 1959, by which time Kenneth was a confectioner and the the family were living in Daventry. They later moved down to Worthing where he was a master baker and confectioner, specialising in celebration cakes.


Photographer: Unknown, Edwards family

Image lent by : Mrs Carrie Horne

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Ken Edwards Wedding Group, 1944

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