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Family history says that this is a portrait of Kath Edwards as a nurse in WW2, but given that she was born in 1927, and would have only been aged 18 by its end, it must  have been the last few months of the war

Kath's mother and elder sister Wyn trained as St John's Ambulance nurses during the war (see KL154), so maybe they inspired her. This is a formal portrait but whether this records the start or end of training isn't clear. In the end Kath did not continue the training to a career in nursing,. She worked for the railway at one point, then on rocket research at Wescott, and later at Alcan. Later in life, after marriage she taught maths when she was abroad with her husband Bill Allen.

Photographer: Unknown professional

Image lent by : Mrs Carrie Horne

Connected Photos: KL154

Kath Edwards as a Nurse

SKU: KL199

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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