John Henry Weston, son of Henry and Elizabeth Weston, farmed Manor Farm Eydon after the death of his father in 1889. (KL314)

He was born in Helmdon in 1872. As befitted his social position in the village, John was churchwarden (in 1914) and his unmarried sister Jane was listed in the Parish Magazine of Feb. 1903 as being the official St Nicholas collector for St Saviour’s Home in Kingsthorpe, Northampton. Jane Weston died in Brackley in 1909 aged 36 and is buried in Eydon alongside her father. In 1901, at the age of 29, John married (possibly at East Haddon) Sarah Main (KL308). Between 1902 and 1910, they had six children, all bar one of whom survived childhood. They were Henry Alfred (1902-1983); Ernest John (1904-1927); Kathleen Alice (1905-1983); Ivy Elizabeth (1907-1981); Arthur Richard (1908-09) and Edward Roy (1910-1983. Only the youngest, Edward, married. The Westons gave up Manor Farm some time between 1914 and 1920, and although the family seems to have moved to Coventry, we are not sure where John Henry Weston was living. He died in 1836, with the death being registered at Brixworth. This photograph was taken by Issac Slater of Llandudno, probably in 1893 to celebrate his majority. (KL307a)


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John Henry Weston, of Manor Farm

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