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Studio portrait of John Bromfield with his daughter Rosetta.

As Rosetta was born in 1867 and she looks to be between 5 and 6 in this image, it must have been taken in 1872 or 73. John was a labourer, born in Eydon in 1844, son of Thomas and Charlotte Bromfield. In 1866 he married Frances Aldridge. They had two children Rosetta and Walter in 1875.

In this photo John is wearing dark clothes with his coat fastened at the neck, in the same style as that shown earlier in IB020. Rosetta looks petulant. They both appear in later life in KL001.

Photographer unknown professional

Image lent by Mrs Coral Fairbrother

Connected phtotos KL001, IB020, IB022

John and Rosetta Bromfield, c1872

SKU: IB021

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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