Joe Tyrrell as a young man, aged about twenty.

Studio portrait, showing signs of being touched in. Suggested that this is an enlargement of an earlier, smaller, portrait. Joe is very well dressed, as befits a journeyman tailor. It also show the slightly wayward Tyrrell hair. Joe born in Sulgrave in 1853 and was apprenticed to Edward Smith of Eydon thanks to a Sulgrave Charity in 1866. After finishing his apprenticeship he worked for the Smiths and bought the business, at what he later thought was a very high price, when they retired in 1876. This portrait might be either an end of apprenticeship study, or possibly an engagement portrait. Either case would put it about 1873. Joe married Flora Carey, (KL082) the Smith's eldest grandchild, in 1876.

Photographer: Unknown Professional

Image lent by : Mrs Jean Charles

Connected Photos: KL082

Joe Tyrrell, 1870s

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