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Detail from DK087, showing two ladies and a (clerical?) gentleman seated out in the garden.

Rectory Farmhouse was the home at this time of John Ivens and his wife Susanna. According to Syd Tyrrell, the Ivens were a well to-do farming family who moved to Eydon in 1763, the year after the open fields were enclosed. When this photograph was taken John Ivens lived at Rectory Farmhouse and farmed (in 1871) 550 acres of land, whilst his brother Martin lived next door at Manor Farmhouse and farmed another 264 acres.

John and Susanna had 8 children, 4 of whom died young, leaving 4 sons, one of whom, William entered the church. Born 1845, he would be 23 by the time the photos was taken and so might be the clergyman seen in this picture. Alternatively, this might be the Rector, who was at the time the Rev Empson, then aged 50, and he can be seen in DK086a.

He probably commissioned the 'Sun Pictures' and Rectory Farm was part of his Glebe land. In 1868 Susanna Ivens was about 48, so she might be the lady on the right with the large white frock. Currently no suggestion as to whom the other lady is, although if the clergyman is the Rector, she might be his wife, Anna Delicia Empson.

Some information about the Ivens family is included in our article on Annie Adkins Pin in the booklet Poverty, Plots and the Palace.

Photographer: Mr John Harrington

Image lent by : Mr David Kench

Connected Photos: DK087 | DK086a

Ivens Family in Garden of Rectory Farmhouse, 1868

SKU: DK087a

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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