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Another professional photographer captures the excitement of the children, possibly watching a Punch & Judy show at a fete, possibly at Eydon Hall.

From the age of the children, this might be early 1950s, as the five little girls on the left are Julie Syers, Sandra Berry, Anne Syers, Yvonne Pettifer and Rita Cameron. Behind them might be Mrs Margaret Leadbeater whilst behind the girls are Cliff Kelcher and Philip Tew. Behind Mrs Leadbeater is unknown, whilst behind him in the cap is Colin Rogers.

The excited girl with plaits in front of Colin is Jacqui Flagg, but we do not yet know who are the four people behind her. Next to Jacqui is Daphne Tew and behind her is Doreen Sykes and next to them are Wendy Tew and Phillipa Flagg, then Anne Rogers and Dorothy Williams, June Puplett and Judith Johnson (with the velvet collared coat). We don't know who the part obscured girl next to her but the small girls obscuring her is Mavis Thorington. At the front, we do not known the name of the boy eating, nor the part obscured girl in front of him. The boy whose arm obscures her is possibly one of the Fox or Polk children as is the girl immediately behind him and the boy with the striped top on the right. the rest of the children in this area are also unknown, apart from the small blonde haired pointing boy who might be Robert Gratton.


Photographer: Unknown professional

Image lent by : Mrs Sheila Syers

Connected Photos: KL174

"It's Behind You!", Eydon Fete

SKU: KL176

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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