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This Irish Guards' Cap(?) badge was found in the garden of 16 - 18 High Street.

It may have belonged to Reg Tew, who lived on the High Street and was in the Irish Guards during WW2. Arthur Reginald Tew (known as Reg) came from Moreton Pinkney and married Phyllis Mabel White, a children's nurse of Eydon, on 10th August 1940, at Eydon church by Rev. Disney. They had three children, Daphne, Wendy and Philip, born 1940, '44 and '48.

By the time Philip was born, Reg was described as a bricklayer, working for Thomas Kench & Co. During the war, they lived at 17 High St, across the road from 16-18 where the badge was found, so it is not clear how the badge got there. One clue may be the allotments (known as garden pieces) which are situated behind 10 to 18 High Street . The 'allotments' were a popular meeting place for many in the village - especially during the 1940/50s when food was at a premium and times were hard. They might have lost it at any time - you can imagine the Tew children playing with their father's cap badge after the war, and losing it.

Photographer: Dr Kevin Lodge

Image lent by : Dr Kevin Lodge

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Irish Guards Cap Badge

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