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The Edwardian Interior of Dolls House, family heirloom of Edwards family, the exterior of which is in KL244.

Inside view shows a central entrance hall and staircase, with a sitting room on one side and the kitchen the other. Upstairs there is a master bedroom, complete with shoes - and chamber pot - under the bed. Opposite is a little girls bedroom, with books and toys including a rocking horse - and another, even smaller, dolls house!

The house come complete with four 'residents', and man, woman and little girl and kitchen maid and two dogs and a baby. Their style of clothes and the house generally looks late Victorian or Edwardian. This might be confirmed by the lighting, which looks to be by oil light or candle.

However, in the sitting room there is a small record player, along with several small discs, suggesting that it might have been made after World War 1, as before that the cylinder was a more popular format - unless that was a later addition.

Photographer: Mrs Carrie Horne

Image lent by : Mrs Carrie Horne

Connected Photos: KL244 | KL188

Interior of Dolls House, Edwards family heirloom

SKU: KL245

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