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Inscribed Stone in frame, dated 1611, possibly with an 'I '(or 'J') at one side 'S' at the other.

In the wall of Rectory Barn, about 1m off ground, below first round black 'Rectory Barn 1999' plate, facing School Lane. Probably reset at some stage as the stone to the right and below have clearly been burnt, whilst this hasn't. Eydon stone turns rich purple when subjected to heat.

John Smithe was Rector of Eydon from 1592 until 1631, who might be a bit old for scratching graffito, but his son James would be 8 years old at this date.... Photographer: Unknown

Image lent by : Dr Kevin Lodge

Inscribed Stone, 1611

SKU: KL017

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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