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John 'Hunter' Bishop with a cow and calf on Lime Avenue.

John Bishop, known locally as Hunter, was son of John and Emily Bishop, who lived at the top of Hill View. He worked for Annie Bricknell, wife of Clarrie, the publican of the Royal Oak, who, amongst other activities, had a farm at the back of Oak Farmhouse on High Street (KL053).

This cow and calf, presumably some of Annie's, are photographed near the top of Partridge Lane. Behind them, the wall still stands, but without its turf top, and in place of the haystack peeping over the wall, then part of the farmyard attached to Line's Home Farm, there are now two new (1993/4) stone built houses. The long shadows suggest an afternoon milking.

Photographer: Unknown

Image lent by : Mrs D. Richardson

Connected Photos: KL053 | IB005

Hunter Bishop and cattle on Lime Avenue

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