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Hope Walker was born in Eydon in 1931 at what is now 32 High Street, the home of her parents Eric and Margaret Walker.

Hope never married and so lived there almost all her life. The house had not been modernised and was cold and draughty, so when in the later 1990s, Hope sold it and bought a newly built house on the Lime Avenue, she really appreciated the modern conveniences.

The house was built in 1990 on the site of the old Quaker Meeting house, after all the burials had been disinterred and reburied in Northampton. Hope called the house 'Quakers'. Over the years Hope took many photographs in the village and indeed many of her photos are in this archive. She had a prodigious memory as to who was who in the photos, so she didn't need to annotate them, which has been 'interesting' for us! Here we see Hope looking through her collection.

Photographer: Mrs Sue McRoberts

Image lent by : Mrs Sue McRoberts

Connected Photos: KL234

Hope Walker at Quakers

SKU: KL233

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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