Close up of KL087, showing detail from Hill View in 1952.

Only 4 blocks of council houses on corner with Preston Road, each with large and well maintained gardens. Opposite can be seen Pettifer's yard with some of their herb and processing sheds. The cottage occupied at this time by the Bishop family, between Greystone Cottage and Stoneleigh's barn is still standing, as was the water tank on the opposite side of the road. This supplied the council houses down the hill. Only one car seen, presumably the Pettifer's as it is outside 'Stoneleigh'. The two small cottages on the corner of Lime Avenue and Byfield Road have been knocked down as a hazard to traffic on that corner. There are three neatly thatched hay stacks in the yard of Home Farm on Partridge Lane. Compare this with the same view ten years later in SV001.

Photographer: Dr J. K. St. Joseph

Image lent by : Mrs Jean Charles

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Hill View from the Air, 1952

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