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View of Eydon, taken in 1964, looking north west across the High Street.

In it one can clearly see the long narrow medieval property boundaries running diagonally across the picture. You can also see some of the yards that built up behind the street frontages.

From the right, under a pink roof, are the workshops of Thomas Kench and Co, right foreground, the farmyard for Manor Farm, then the back views of the houses at the top of Doctors Lane, then the Village Hall (under the flare) and Dodds Manor Farm.

In the top left hand corner, you can just see the old Quaker Meeting House, not a builder's store, since demolished.

This photo is one of a series taken of the village by Skyview Archives, but as you can see, it has flare and so was used as a packing piece, but had such interesting views that we though it ought to be preserved. Almost certainly not available from Skyview Archives.

Photographer: Skyview Archives Ltd

Image lent by : Mr Darren Powell SVA

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High Street Eydon, 1964

SKU: SV025

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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