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Some time between the census of 1891 and his death in early 1898, Henry Weston and his family took up the tenancy of Manor Farm, Eydon.

Henry was born in Helmdon in 1834, and had worked as a farm bailiff in Sulgrave in 1861. He was living back in Helmdon in the early 1870s when his children were born, and then moved around the district before coming to Eydon. He died in Eydon in Jan 1898, aged 63 and is buried in the churchyard.

This fine cabinet (6.5 x 4.25 inch) photograph was taken by J Pell of Woolston, but the OS list 5 different Woolstons, so we need the information from the back of the picture (KL314a) to know that this was Mr Pell of Woolston near Southampton. We do not know yet why Henry Weston was visiting him. From Henry’s appearance this might have been taken any time in the 1890s.


Photographer: J Pell of Woolston

Image lent by : Mr Mike Weston

Connected Photos: KL314a | KL315 | KL307 | KL308

Henry Alfred Weston, c1890

SKU: KL314

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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