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Dick Syers Eydon-made boat could be called nothing other than 'Eydon Maide'.

It was launched in 1961 at Braunston and kept for a couple of years on the canal by Yardley Gobion, where Dick's mother in law could keep an eye on it.

To get the boat out of Eydon took only Dick and a couple of friends as it had all been planned from the start. The boat had been built on a frame which turned round, then pushed by hand across beams onto a flat bed trailer alongside. The boat was fully equipped to sleep 4, with cooker, fridge and toilet.

It was used by the Syers family for holidays, taking it down as far as Hemel Hampstead. It was also used by Dick's work mates, who had all been taking the mickey whilst he was building it, but that changed when he had it finished.


Photographer: Mrs Sheila Syers

Image lent by : Mrs Sheila Syers

Connected Photos: KL183 | KL184

Happy Boaters on the 'Eydon Maide'

SKU: KL185

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