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Pictured in the mid/late 1920s, three generations outside the back of their cottage which faced on to Eydon village green.

On the left is Phoebe Alice Gubbins (1905-1984), who in 1944 married a widower of Eydon, Fred Colton. On her left is Elizabeth Frances Abbot Gubbins (Phoebe’s niece 1915 - 2001) always known in the family and with friends as Frances. The lady on the right of the picture is Frances’ mother, Eliza Ann Gubbins née Walker (1887-1975), wife of Charles William Gubbins.

On the seat in front is Charles Alfred John Gubbins (1920-1978) always known as John, Frances’ young brother. Phoebe with a tennis racket may have played on the tennis court laid out in the Rectory field adjacent to the Rectory on the Culworth Road which is now the village sports field or maybe Eydon Hall had a tennis court. See also KL285, KL286 & KL293

Photographer unknown.

Image lent by Marion Wheatley

Gubbins Family Gathering

SKU: KL293

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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