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This picture is something of a mystery, as it has no provenance other than it was found in Hope Walker's collection of photos.

We were not sure when or where it was taken or whom it shows, although they are clearly having fun. However, it has recently been suggested, looking at photos of a Eydon Cricket Club team of 1939 that the central seated Umpire might be Charlie Parish, who was scorer for Eydon from the 1930s right up to 1964. In which case the man on the right inside the pavilion may have a hairline similar to then Club Chairman Eddie Wilks. We need access to some better photos of the inter war teams to confirm this and to identify others in the photo. If it is Eydon Cricket Club between the Wars, then depending on the date of the photo. this might have been taken on Bufton or at the back at Sports Field.

Photographer unknown

Image lent by Miss Janet Bloxam

Connected photos IB023, IB035, KL004

Group of Happy Cricketers around 1930s

SKU: AP005

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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