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Enlargement of vignette from 1920s composite postcard of Eydon, showing view north from the Green up the High Street

Photo taken in winter, with bare trees and dusting of snow. It would seem to be school time, as examination of the picture shows lots of children - some rather ghostly - presumably making their way to school. All the trees on and around the Green have now gone, victims of Dutch Elm disease in the 1970s. The gable end on the right hand side of the road in the centre of the picture is that of the Hunts, Eydon's carriers.

The barn where the cart was stored has been knocked down, leaving just the marks of the three main beams in the wall. By 1926 the whole building had been knocked down and replaced with the current house. For the earliest view of this street, see DK061 Photographer: Unknown professional

Image lent by: Alison  Parsons

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The Green and High Street, 1920s

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