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This photo shows Joe (Joseph Henry) Golby (1870 - 1948) with his mother, Sarah Golby nee Lines ( 1835 - 1903)

Taken in the back yard of 7 High Street where Joe and his wife Florence ran a village shop and post office. This can be seen in AP051e. Joe was the son of a long line of village stonemasons but he started a family trend to become painters & decorators when he was not helping with the shop, as witnessed by the ladder and tall steps. This is a fascinating photograph, full of interesting details, from the window repaired with a painter's bucket stuck through it to the litter of puppies at the foot of the ladder. Most intriguing of all, there is a postman peering though the foliage behind the pony! The pony may be the same one with the trap in DK124.

Photographer: Unknown

Image lent by : Mr David Kench

Connected Photos: AP051e | DK124

Golbys at the Rear of the Post Office

SKU: DK098

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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