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George Valentine Harding

A fine (copy) of a Cabinet Card sized portrait, taken by Malcolm McNeille of 45 High Street, Warwick, of George Valentine Harding, within an oval decorated surround. He is shown in three piece suit, with a tall turned-over collar with round edges and straight tie. With a fine moustache, he looks confidently out of the picture.

He looks to be in his early 20s, which, as he was born in 1889, would date the image around 1909 to 1915. As he was married in 1915, and is not showing a button hole, this may have been taken earlier in connection with his engagement or possibly one which was taken shortly before he enlisted.


Photographer: Malcolm McNeille

Image lent by : Mrs Hazel Jarvis

Connected Photos: KL365 | KL367

George Valentine Harding

SKU: KL366

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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