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One of the collection of "Sun Pictures" taken in 1868.

This one showing the east face and garden of Rectory Farm House, once the Rectory itself, with the owners having tea in the garden. (See DK087a for details) On the right can be seen the thatch roofed barn (now demolished) next to the school in School Lane (called Parsons Lane in 1871).

The little 'tower' on the roof in front of that is in fact a chimney, sealed off at the top, and capped with what looks a single wind deflector on the top. There seems to be another peeping over the gable on the left, which can be confirmed in the view of the house from the west (DK088). In which case, this would suggest that at this time these were the only two working chimneys (and hence fires) in this big house. Photographer: Mr John Harrington

Image lent by : Mr David Kench

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Front Garden, Rectory Farmhouse, 1868

SKU: DK087

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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