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Frank Parish taking the crease, from a rather poor colour photo circa 1960s 

Frank Parish served Eydon Cricket Club well over the years, being secretary for 25 years between 1941 and 1965, as well as being captain and vice captain at various times. His strength, as the photo shows, was in his batting, topping the averages for several years in the late 1940s as well as getting the most catches for several years. In the glory year of 1953 he hit 416 runs and managed 16 catches.

We are not sure where the picture was taken, there are houses in the background, so this might be Evenley which has a large Green surrounded by houses where cricket is played.

The Parish family featured a lot in Eydon cricket history. Frank's father, Charlie - a small man under a big cap (see KL128) - was scorer from the mid 1930s (see AP005) up to 1963 (see IB023, IB025), whilst his uncle Herbert played for the team at the turn of the century (KL004).

Photographer: Unknown

Image lent by : Mr Syd Gooden

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Frank Parish takes his Crease

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