Foresters' Procession, High Street c1932

The Ancient Order of Foresters, "United Brothers" Court, parade down the High Street on their Feast Day on Whit Monday. Surrounded by the usual band of small boys, they are lead by Percy Pratt in the bowler hat and sash, accompanied by the Rector, the Rev Disney, followed by the Blakesley Silver Band and Eydon's great banner. The Foresters were a mutual aid organisation for working men that gave benefits such as sick pay, burial club etc. to its members. It was set up in the village in 1842 and at the end of the 1930s had 179 members, who had to live within two and a half miles of the village.

Photographer: Unknown Professional

Image lent by : Mr David Kench

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Foresters' Procession, High Street c1932

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