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First World War Memorial Board in Eydon Village.

Photos of six men from the village who died in the Great War (KL095 - KL100), plus 2 medals, the 'British War Medal, 1914 - 1920' on the left and the 'Victory Medal 1914 - 1919' on the right. Frame carved 'LEST WE FORGET' across the top and '1914 - 1918' on the bottom. The names of those who died on this board are different to those on the War Memorial (KL102), and the Roll of Honour in the Church (KL103) and may reflect those the villagers thought of as being from the village, rather than sons of newcomers whose sons never lived in the village.

Photographer: Unknown

Image lent by : Dr Kevin Lodge

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First World War Memorial Board, Village Hall

SKU: KL101

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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