Firemen damp down the fire at 16 High Street after the great Fire of Eydon, 28th May 1905.

Visible behind is 14 High Street, also burnt out. Four firemen, in shinny boots and brass helmets seem to be clearing up at the burnt out home of Thomas Rogers, a shepherd. This block of houses can also be seen, possibly along with Thomas's grandsons, in KL108. The village did not have its own policemen at the time so the one in the centre of the picture was one of a number sent along to control the crowds of onlookers, possibly including the man in the hat on the left. One of the police actions that local historian Syd Tyrrell, who saw the fire as a teenager, remembered was the police allowed the Royal Oak pub to stay open all day to supply all the fire fighters and onlookers.

Photographer: Unknown

Image lent by : Mr David Kench

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Firemen at Great Fire of Eydon, 1905

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