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Great Fire of Eydon, showing the street side of 12 - 10 High Street on day of fire (8 High Street lost in smoke).

By this time all the roofs have burnt out, along with most of the floors. The hose pipes are from the pool in Eydon Hall Park where the town fire engines' steam pumps are sending water to fight the fire (See DK035) . They are mainly damping down the remains.

This image was also available as a post card (see KL012) published by J. H. Golby of Eydon Post Office.

Photographer: Mr A.H Vorts (of Daventry)

Image lent by : Mrs Margie Davies

Connected Photos: KL012 | KL108 | DK034e elsewhere.)


Fire at 8 - 12 High Street, 1905

SKU: KL013

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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