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Fancy dress, for both children and adults, seems to have been a popular pastime in the village - or at least, a popular subject for photographers.

Here we have six members of Eydon WI in the 1980s in front of the curtain in the Village Hall.

From the left we have Mrs Cleaver as 'Miss Greenfingers', Mary Watts as 'Miss Post Office', Pam Humphries with the pram (as 'Miss Lime Grove' - the then name for the houses at the bottom of Hill View), the winner Mrs W. Edwards, Mrs King (as an artist?), and Mrs Syers as Marjorie Proops, the well known journalist. it is not clear what Mrs Edwards was as she won and some of her costume is the regalia and sash for 'Miss Eydon'.


Photographer: Unknown

Image lent by : Mrs Sheila Syers

Connected Photos: KL213 | DK085

Fancy Dress at the WI, colour, 1980s

SKU: KL179

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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