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Eydon WW1 Roll of Honour, St Nicholas Church

Date: 1915-1916 34 names of Eydon men on Active Service during the first part of the Great War (probably up to September 1915) This does not include Syd Tyrrell, who was called up in November 1916. Nor does it include George Fairbrother (KL095) who is buried in the grave yard outside, who applied to join the army but was rejected and was probably conscripted along with Syd in 1916. It also does not list Herbert Bull (KL097), who had enlisted by November 1915.

The story of Eydon in the First World War is told in our publication 'Lest We Forget' details of which are on our publications page.

Photographer: Dr Kevin Lodge

Image lent by : Dr Kevin Lodge

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Eydon WW1 Roll of Honour, St Nicholas Church

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