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Eydon 'Sunday Club in September 2010, made a trip down to Bert Manton's barn in Woodford Halse to make old fashioned bread for the Harvest Festival later that month.

In the background can be seen some of the plethora of old rural implements he has collected over the years. The 'Sunday Club', was the successor to the old Sunday School at St Nicholas Church.

The adults, standing, from the left are Sue White; Victoria Stewart, Sam Ellis, Jill Darlow and (just in the picture), Harriet Thame.

The group of five children at the back are - from the left; Marcus and Toby Thame, Harriet Ellis, James Hamblett and Katie Darlow, whilst the the three children in front of them are Edward Ellis, Anna Darlow and in the front, Jack Shinton.

Photographer: Mr Robert Manton

Image lent by: Mr Robert Manton

Eydon 'Sunday Club' make bread, 2010

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Eydon Village Photo Archive

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