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Eydon School Play, Lollypop Land, March 1921

Full Cast From the left - Back Standing:Tom Coy, Bill Wright, Harold Lansbury, Aubrey Wyatt, Frank Thorrington, Bill Roberts, Cecil Cross Middle Standing:Percy Lansbury, Ernie Hogg, Lena Haynes, Gertie Lines, Winifred Walker, Eric Walker, Winnie Ward, Hilda Yates (tall hat), Evelyn Scott, [unknown], George Sykes 5 Angels: Jess Yates, Ethel Griffin, Daisy Buckley, Violet Dodd and Tilly Buckley 8 Standing Elves: Mabel Coy, Frances Lines, Edna Cross, ? Brightwell, Edie Brightwell, Edie Mosley, Ellie? Harding and Edie Thorrington 2 Seated rabbits?: Grace Coy and Margaret Herbert 2 Adults: Lillian Herbert (nee Golby) and Mr Simcoe (Headmaster) Syd Tyrrell said that Mr Simcoe put on an operetta or school concert every winter he was here from 1914 to 1922 (apart from 1917-19 when he was called up). Mrs Simcoe made the costumes and Mrs A A Herbert (ALCM) played the piano. This photo shows the full cast which must have been about half the school at this time. 'Mrs A A Herbert' is presumably Mrs Lillian Herbert seen here in this photo.

Photographer: Unknown

Image lent by : Mr D. Saunders

Eydon School Play 'Lollypop Land', Full Cast, 1921

SKU: KL060

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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