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Eydon School Play 'Lollypop Land', March 1921

rom the left, Lena Haynes, Hilda Yates (tall hat at back), Gertie Lines, Evelyn Scott, Eric Walker (with crown at front), Bill Wright, Aubrey Wyatt (Write in KL060), Winifred Walker (with crown at front), Bill Roberts, Winnie Ward (also with crown at front), Mr Simcoe (Headmaster) and Harold Lansbury. Taken outside school. The two central characters at the front are Eric Walker, (lived at 34 High St, father to Hope Walker who died 2004) and his sister (Hope's Aunt) Wyn, who became Mrs Percy King. Extreme right on front row is Harold Lansbury, born 1908. He was Joyce Mossop's father. For full cast of this play, see KL060

Photographer: Unknown

Image lent by : Peter and Joyce Mossop

Connected Photos: KL060

Eydon School Play 'Lollypop Land', 1921

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Eydon Village Photo Archive

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