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Postcard of a school group of 27 small children and two ladies, presumably teachers. One girl carries a slate marked up 'Eydon School, Group 2'.  It was probably taken outside the school master's house at the back of the school. The children are all very well dressed with the pinafores for the girls and collars and ties for the boys. Note the little hobs in the soles of the little girl's shoes.

The teacher on the left, and several of the girls, are wearing very wide hats, a fashion that was popular towards the end of the reign of Edward VII, 1910. In which case, the census taken in early 1911 enables us to identify the names of at least some of the people here.

The teacher on the left is Maude Tyrrell, later Mrs Kench, who was only 18 in 1911, so she must be a probationary teacher. (See KL090) The other teacher is Miss Elsie Coy, aged 25, born in Bedford. As this photo was preserved in the Gubbins family album, and as pupils only attended school here from the age of 4 to 13.5, the most likely member of the family to be in this group might be Edith Sara Gubbins aged 10 in 1911, and Phoebe Gubbins, then aged 6. Their brother John aged just 13 had left school and was working as a butcher's boy by this time. The other teacher in the school, the headmaster, Mr Fredrick Clarke, was presumably photographed with Group 1.

Photographer: Unknown professional

Image lent by : Mrs Marion Wheatley

Connected Photos: KL028 | KL090

Eydon School, Group 2, c 1910/1

SKU: KL272

Eydon Village Photo Archive

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