Eydon Roll of Honour, dated September 1915.

This is a list of 46 men from Eydon who had volunteered to serve 'King and Country'. It is divided into three: 31 men, arranged alphabetically with no ranks or titles, who enlisted; 14 men who volunteered but were rejected, and one man, Herbert Smith, who enlisted but was invalided out.

It was probably derived (and maybe printed) by Eydon Parish Council, and displayed in the Church and Chapel porches and outside the Post Office, probably as part of a government initiative to encourage more volunteers. There is a hand written Roll of Honour the church, [KL103] also dated 1915, which is slightly different as it lists just the men who enlisted (including Herbert Smith) but not Edward Colton. This is probably an oversight, as Albert Russell was added, out of order, at the bottom of that list, along with three other names, who presumably enlisted after this printed list was compiled. (Top text restored.)


Photographer: Unknown

Picture lent by : Mr David Kench

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Eydon Roll of Honour, Sept 1915

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